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Cedar Park Church, Country Club and Retirement Village

The design brief and concept for this urban proposal in 1990, was to create a comfortable village centered around a church to house 380 people with a neighbouring multi-functional hall. The village incorporates lots of landscaping and many trees, and includes a retirement village, club house and sports facilities comprising; a new squash centre and 2 existing swimming pools, 4 existing tennis courts and bowling greens.
The church is designed in a traditional Lebanese style with a focus on simplicity and beauty with natural earthy finishes. It measures approximately 430m2, seating 380people. It follows the traditional church floor plan in the shape of a cross. Curves are included in the design through the barrel vault roof and large deep arches.
The multi-functional hall seats 500 people with a large kitchen and catering facilities, adjoining conference rooms, ladies bar, cocktail reception area, children’s playground, restaurant and toilet facilities.
The retirement village comprises 34 simplex units each with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms an open plan lounge, dining room and kitchen. The spaces are designed to be user friendly for all and the village includes a nursing wing to care for the sick.