Music Hill Project 1
Music Hill Project 2
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Music Hill Project 4

Music Hill, Tallin, Estonia

A Tallinn Biennalle vision competition entitled “New Habits New Beauties”  which required an urban design idea to reinvent a space in Kopli, Kalamaja, Estonia, Eastern Europe, and, in doing so, redefining the concept of beauty.

Music Hill, an entry By Human Voice Architects in Association with Perception Architects, is a surmountable landscape created by upwardly extruding the site and carving downwards in curves to form three city blocks.  These are designed to respect the surrounding landscape and create courtyards which maximise the north sun.

Beauty is proposed as the architectural experience by moving through the site and buildings along a ramp which meanders through the buildings, eventually arriving at a rooftop theatre with views of the old town skyline.